Can You Escape From Jose Gaspar's Pirate Ship?


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Bring your bravest friends on this 70 minute voyage!

Two hundred years ago, the enigmatic Jose Gaspars ship, The Floriblanca, sank beneath the stormy waves in a fiery battle at sea. With it disappeared any trace of a man whose history, legacy, and even existence are hotly debated. Now you have your friends have stumbled on his ship, and have the chance to explore the treasures and mysteries that remain the most mysterious pirate in Florida.


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Average Escape Time

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    Number of Players

    4-8 players (Minimum of 4)

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    Cost per Player

    $37.00 per player (private room). 

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    Physical Requirements

    This activity is not recommended for guests with bending or standing limitations. Call for more details.

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    Age Requirements

    This activity is not suitable for children under the age of 12 due to level of difficulty, unless with parents or siblings. 

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    Birthday Party Recommendations

    Birthday parties for children from the age of 12-13 and up are recommended. Click here for party suggestion/recommendations

What Our Players Say

Does Pirate have any age restrictions?

Pirate is best suited for players 12 and up unless with parents or siblings. While any age child may join your party in the room, children under the age of 8 probably won't get much out of the experience and are NOT charged a fee, but we will need to know they are coming. Please make a note in the 'Reason for coming' to secure a spot for them. Please book the entire room if you plan on bringing your children.

Will I encounter any physical components in Pirate?

There will be times in Pirate where bending and squatting are required. For those who need glasses, reading will be spread throughout the entirety of your game and glasses would come in handy. 

What level of difficulty is this room?

Pirate has a 3 1/2 lock level of difficulty room.

Do I need to have any previous knowledge of Pirates or their history before playing?

Not at all! Everything you need to solve the puzzles are available for you in the room.

How many people can play in Pirate?

Our Pirate room can hold up to 4-8 players; we do NOT recommend more players.

How early should we arrive for our game?

At least 15 minutes before your game time. Keep in mind that if you are later than 15 minutes past when your game should start, we begin your timer. Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your game, as we won't be ready for you yet.

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