Escape Rooms

The best escape rooms in Tampa. Expertly designed for a one-of-a-kind experience... every single time.

The best escape rooms in Tampa. Expertly designed for a one-of-a-kind experience... every single time. From sight to smell to touch to sound, our five unique escape rooms were designed to take you on a multi-sensory mystery experience—one that allows you to escape from the everyday, unplug from the 24/7 digital world, and embark on a completely immersive adventure together.

Choose from our exciting 12 Person Escape Rooms and Premium 6 Person Escape rooms for an even more engaging experience for all.

Escape from the Office

A room that can be adjusted to fit any gamer’s level—from beginner to seasoned escape pro—the Office may seem like an everyday space, but puzzling your way out this room will take some serious rallying and strategizing.



Medieval Adventure

The year is 1115. You’re in a dark-as-night secret chamber, where the land’s most noble face a battle of wits and strategy for their shot at the king’s throne. Puzzling your way out of our Medieval room takes you back in time to the middle ages—you’ll need to hone your sharpest strategizing skills to get back to light of present day.


Escape from London

Fancy yourself a wizard of wit? A unique intellectual challenge, our London escape room is for puzzle pros and London lovers alike. Just don’t get too starstruck when Shakespeare and the Rolling Stones arrive.



Live Zombie Room

What do you get when you combine one hungry zombie chained to the wall (whose chain releases an extra foot every five minutes!) and six escape-room adventurers? A whole lotta adrenaline-pumping fun. Just don’t die laughing.


Russian Spy Room

Explore one of Russia’s most high-profile missions of the 21st century, all while hiding in plain sight as an FBI agent. Our authentic-as-ever Russian Spy Room takes teamwork, ingenuity, and some quick-on-your-feet thinking to escape.



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