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A bonding experience you won’t find in a boardroom. 
Insights you won’t get from interviews.

Since 2015, Can You Escape? Team Building Has Created Memorable Experiences for Thousands of Teams.

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Off-Site Escapes

Leave the Office behind… and watch magic happen.

There’s nothing quite like a change of scenery to boost creativity, energize your team, or even just offer up a fun reward after a successful quarter. With no phones allowed in our escape rooms, you’ll work together to puzzle your way out of our rooms. Rather than communicating on email chains, you’ll collaborate in person to solve an exciting puzzle and ultimately gain freedom as a group. With just 60 heart-pounding minutes on the clock, your team will strategize as a team and work together toward a common solution- creating a bonding experience that can’t be replicated in a boardroom.


Who said Team Building had to be so serious?

Though our escape rooms are timed, challenging and adrenaline-inducing, they’re also fun. We’re talking heart-pounding, palm-sweating, and-the-countdown-begins kind-of-fun; fun your team will find nowhere else.

Active, meet Strategic. Strategic, meet active.

Finding the right team-building experience can be tough. Some are all strategy-driven, while others focus solely on physical activities (and isolate some team members as a result). Our escape experiences, on the other hand, offer a unique combination of both strategy and movement. Our puzzles are designed to take all sorts of unique skill sets to complete- so, from your most passionate team member to your most passive one, everyone can contribute in different, equally important ways.


Tampa's best team building happens in Tampa

Are you aware that most companies advertising for team building in Tampa, aren't even located in Tampa?  Can You Escape? is Tampa born and proudly continues to call Tampa our home.  Don't get us wrong, people travel from St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tarpon Springs, Orlando, Naples, Gainesville, Venice, Sarasota, Miami and all parts of Florida to enjoy our memorable team building experiences.

Mobile Team Building

Can’t leave the office? We’ll bring the team building to you! Our mobile programs will allow you to get to know each other in a brand-new way as you embark on an unknown and exciting adventure as a team. We understand your need for an on-site group experience that complements each of your team member’s unique strengths, while still requiring you to work together as a cohesive unit- which is why we’ve strategically designed our mobile team building to bring out the best in individuals and boost team morale.


Meeting Space

Need to conduct a short meeting or hold lunch while you are out of the office. Our Meeting Space can easily accommodate that. We offer reasonable rates for all your meeting space needs. Contact us for more details.

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We offer customizable (10-150 guests) Team Building Packages for your organization.

Call (813) 333-2533 for more details.

Team building- FAQ

How do we get the best service?

Call 813-333-2533, ask for Kristi. She will ensure that everything goes smoothly for your team building event.

I have heard about this but I’m not sure what this activity is or why it’s considered a Team Building activity?

Escape room are a fun, group-building, task-oriented, hour long game. The concept is simple: we lock your small group (4-10 players) into a themed room and lock the door. The group quick sets around the room looking at objects, locating clues and riddles and opening hidden spaces. The goal: work through a series of logic puzzles and tactile challenges to find the way out of the room. Sometimes you’re looking for a key, but, sometimes you’re not! Teams must be creative in their thinking and work together to beat the clock- you only have 60 minutes. Ready. Set. Go!

How many players can you hold?

Between 10-75. Large groups will be sub-divided into groups of between 6-10 players per room.

What is the cost?

It depends. Feel free to email or call (813) 333-2533 or email Kristi Collins for more specific details and pricing options.

What is the process of booking a room?

Call/Email Kristi and work out the details of your Team Building event; she will block rooms until you have verified your guests list and received confirmations. Early in the week of your event, payment will be due. Please note: events are not refundable but with 24hrs. notice ANY games can be rescheduled. (We do understand how hard it is to herd those angry cats!)

How long will we be at the facility?

Most games are 60 minutes. Plan on arriving  15 minutes before the scheduled game and plan on staying a total of 90 minutes; however, the larger the group the longer we need before the game. Please call (813) 333-2533 if you would like a time estimate for a larger group.

Do you offer Food or Beverage?

We do not sell any food or beverages, however you are welcome to cater lunch or dinner into our conference room. 

Do you offer a Meeting Room?

Yes we do. Rental prices are per hour and the facility will hold up to 50 people. 

Any special clothes required to participate?

Great question and YES! See the individual game FAQs for specifics. Office, Medieval, London, Zombie and Soviet.