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Can You Escape the Medieval Adventure?

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Ready For a Distinctly European Escape Room?

Travel back in time to when knights and dragons were afoot! The King of Heves has died in battle. Leaving no heir to the throne but always anticipating this day, a secret chamber was created. In this tactile game, only the noblest and smartest in the land will be able to conquer the challenge to claim the royalty as thine own! Will you pass ‘The King’s Challenge’?

This is your opportunity to play TRAP’S legendary Medieval Adventure from Budapest, Hungary. Can You Escape? is the only place you can play this game in North America.


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Average Escape Time

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    Number of Players

    2-6 players (Minimum of 2)- Weekdays
    3-6 players (Minimum of 3)- Weekends

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    Cost per Player

    $35.00 per player (private room). 

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    Physical Requirements

    This activity can be a height challenge for children under the age of 9.

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    Age Requirements

    This activity is suitable for any age child with parents and/or siblings. 

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    Birthday Party Recommendations

    Birthday parties for children from the age of 8 and up are recommended. Click here for party suggestion/recommendations

What Our Players Say

Can You Escape?  is proud to present, TRAP's top-rated game, the Medieval Adventure.  For the first time in escape room history, this game will be available to play in North America, just as it was designed in Budapest. You no longer need a passport to play the Medieval Adventure. Get your group and book now because this might be the world's most fun game, and we have it here, available to play!

Does Medieval Adventure have any age restrictions?

This activity is suitable for any age child with parents and/or siblings. Click here for birthday party recommendations. 

Will I encounter any physical components to Medieval Adventure?

There are no physical components to Medieval that should pose a problem for guests.

What level of difficulty is this room?

While the Medieval room is considered a Beginner/Intermediate game, most experienced guests describe it as the most unique room they have ever played. Don't miss it. 

How early should we arrive for our game?

At least 15 minutes before your game time. Keep in mind that if you are later than 15 minutes past when your game should start, we begin your timer. Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your game; we won't be quite ready for you yet.

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