Escape Room Tampa

Looking for a Game Room in Tampa? You’ve come to the right place.

At Can You Escape?, we provide completely immersive, endlessly interactive game room experiences through our themed escape rooms (sometimes called “panic rooms”). Our game rooms were named the #1 Tampa Escape Room Game by TripAdvisor and each offers a completely unique adventure experience. No matter your age or skill-level, Can You Escape? offers a game room suited for you and your group!

Play and puzzle like never before.

At Can You Escape?, we know you’re here to have fun above all else, which is why we’ve designed completely immersive, fully sensory game rooms to take your far away from the everyday. Our game rooms offer you an opportunity to unplug from the 24/7 digital world, embark on an exciting adventure with friends, and put your gaming skills to the test.

Strategize like never before. Play with a Purpose.

Who said strategy had to be so serious?

Use your sharpest gaming and strategizing skills to puzzle your way out of our locked game rooms...all while embarking on a brand of fun you’ll find nowhere else in Tampa. Though our escape rooms are timed, challenging, and adrenaline-inducing, they’re also pretty darn fun. We’re talking heart-pounding, palm-sweating, and-the-countdown-begins kind-of fun.

One Team. One Game. One Hour.

Each game room (or “escape room”) is timed—you will have 60 thrilling minutes to puzzle your way out of our expertly designed, completely sensory spaces. No phones are allowed in our game rooms, so you’ll have to work together with your friends or family to find clues and hints hidden in each room in order to successfully escape.

An adventure for all.

Can You Escape? is home to five distinct game rooms—each requiring a different skill set to complete. No matter how experienced (or inexperienced) your group may be with escape rooms, we have a room to suit your skill level and interests.

Have questions about our game rooms? We’ve got answers.

What makes your game rooms unique?

At Can You Escape?, our game rooms are anything but ordinary. Whether it’s a bone-chilling live zombie chained to the wall (whose chain releases an extra foot every five minutes) or a mysterious medieval chamber, each of our game rooms offers an interactive, tactile, sensory experience. From scents to sights to sounds, our rooms are expertly designed to transport you to another time and place. Rather than just feeling like a room that’s meant to replicate an experience, our puzzles are experiences all on their own.

Will your game rooms challenge me?

The puzzles we offer are extremely challenging, hi-tech, and completely immersive. Each of our rooms is expertly executed by seasoned designers to offer an ultra-realistic, endlessly heart-pounding game—one you’ll find nowhere else in Tampa. Our puzzles are challenging, tactile, sensory (did you smell that?), and expertly engineered to create a white-knuckle scenario that will have even the most seasoned game-room experts on the edge of their seat.

How long will the entire game room experience take?

At just 1.5 hours all together (with 60 of those minutes spent in the game room, trying to escape), you can fit our game room in before or after other activities, so you don’t have to dedicate your entire day to the unknown. We’re also conveniently located, easy to get to, and hard to miss with our storied and unique building. Our game rooms sell out fast and in advance. So be sure to call ahead for availability and reservations.

Are your Tampa game rooms suited for all ages and skill levels?

At Can You Escape?, no one has to be left behind—regardless of interests, activity level, or even age. Our five unique game rooms are designed to take all sorts of strengths and skills to complete, so every personality type can contribute in different ways. Whether your group is full of adrenaline-junkees or wizards of wit (or both), we offer a little something for everyone, making a Can You Escape? experience perfect for any group. Our only requirement? You have to be willing to have fun.