Fun Things ToDo In Tampa

Looking for fun things to do in Tampa? Look no further.

Named the #1 Tampa Escape Game and one of the Top 15 Things to Do in Tampa by TripAdvisor, Can You Escape? offers the most enjoyable hour you’ll spend in Tampa. Gather your group, choose your adventure, and work together to puzzle your way out of one of our completely immersive, expertly designed escape rooms in 60 minutes or less.

Unlike any hour you’ve spent in Tampa.

Our escape-room experiences are anything but ordinary. Embark on an adventure that’s challenging, tactile, sensory (did you smell that?), and absolutely unforgettable. Our escape rooms offer an opportunity to escape from the everyday and lose yourself in a completely immersive experience—all while strategizing with your friends and family for 60 white-knuckle minutes.

Fun for everyone. An adventure for all.

Our escape rooms offer an engaging, unforgettable Tampa activity for every member of your group—regardless of age or skill level. Each of our five distinct escape rooms was designed to take all sorts of strengths and skills to complete, so everyone can contribute in different, equally important ways. Whether you’re looking for a good scare (say hello to our bone-chilling live-zombie room) or want to put your wit and intellect to the test, we offer a little something for everyone.

Don’t just take our word for it.

With 99% of customers rating Can You Escape? 4 or 5 stars, locals and visitors alike rave about their escape-room experience. Many puzzle their way out of one escape room and immediately ask to embark on another—the experience is that addicting. We’ve been named the #1 Escape Room in Tampa and the #13 Escape room in the Nation by TripAdvisor.

Have questions about our escape rooms? We’ve got answers.

How do your escape-rooms work?

As soon as you arrive, we’ll take time walking you through what to expect. From there, we’ll lock you in a themed room suited for your skill level and start the clock. You’ll have 60 minutes total to escape. In order to escape, you’ll strategize with your group to find hidden hints and clues—those will lead you to take certain actions which will ultimately lead to your freedom.

What are your escape rooms like?

We offer five expertly designed escape rooms. Each is fully themed and completely sensory. From scents to sights to sounds, our rooms were crafted to engage all of your senses and transport you to a completely different setting and time period. Our rooms aren’t just an activity—they’re a completely immersive adventure experience. Whether it’s a live zombie chained to the wall (whose chain releases one foot every five minutes!) or our dark-and-mysterious medieval chamber, each room offers an experience completely unique from the next.

What if we’ve never tried an escape room before?

No matter your experience (or inexperience) with escape-room activities, we’ve got a room expertly designed to suit your skill level. We make sure you’re in a room that provides the right level of challenge for your group—whether you’re brand-new or seasoned escape pros. (We’re also always around to help you and offer up clues should you find yourself stuck.)

How long does the entire experience take?

A Can You Escape? experience takes just 1.5 hours all together (with 60 of those minutes spent in the escape room itself). Whether you’re a local or a visitor to Tampa, you can fit our game room in before or after other activities—so you don’t have to dedicate your entire day to the unknown. We’re also conveniently located, easy to get to, and hard to miss with our storied and unique building.